Weather in Koh Samui – november

What’s Samui weather in november? Let’s know together!
🌡Temperature 27°C (80°F)

  • High temperature 29°C (84°F)
  • Low temperature 24°C (75°F)
  • Sunshine Hours 6 HRS
  • Rainfall 430 MM
  • Rainfall days 15 DAYS
  • Sea Temperature 27°C (81°F)

Weather diary – weather day by day

1 November, 2017

The sky was clouded, although the weather is warm, it may rain.

02 November, 2017

All sky was clouded and huge rain was pouring without end =(

03 November, 2017

All day and all night was pouring rain. I started think what i lives in London not in Thailand. …

04 November, 2017

The weather is getting better, partly sunny and finally this pouring rain stopped!

05 Nov, 2017

‎Today was cloudy without rain. More and more tourists come every day. Maybe they don’t know that November is the rainy season in Koh Samui.

06 Nov, 2017

It started pouring last night and didn’t stop all day. Samui isn’t the best place to travel to during this time, but it’s interesting because from year to year the weather is really different.

07 November, 2017 – the rain is over!

Yeah, Finally, this rain is over though sky is clouded but it’s better then sit in home and look how rain turns ground to mud.

08 November, 2017

70% Rain, 30% clouded sky, but weather is getting better for a little.

09 November, 2017

This morning it was raining but it was also sunny, it was a good sign. After noon the rain stopped and the suns warm rays spread across the island.

10 November, 2017

Finally the rain was over and sun came back to the island. Today we went to the beach, swam, tanned and took funny photos. It was a perfect day in Koh Samui.

11 November, 2017

One more sunny day! Today not so warm like on yesterday but sky is clean and I’m think it’s not going to rain.

12 November, 2017

Morning was started with pouring rain. What?! Again?
Sometimes I look at the ground and think, in one or two weeks everything around me will a pond.

13 November, 2017

Morning was cloudy like all day too but without rain. Not bad.

14 November, 2017

What a lovely sunny day! May be today we are going to the beach!

15 November, 2017

Wonderfull sunny day! I’ve got sunburned a little.

16 November, 2017

The day started with rain, but later the sun came out on the island.
I hope that today the weather will be better, or at least the same as yesterday.

17 November, 2017

Warm sun and no one cloud in the sky. Weather is getting better day after day. High season is coming.

18 November, 2017

One more warm day on island. Finally established a clear, sunny weather.

19-20 November, 2017

Weather is better now. Yesterday was small rain but nothing can tarnish good weather on Samui.

21-22 November, 2017

Hot Sunny days, sometimes was small rain but it’s nothing.