Koh Samui weather in december

December is a month when the low season is coming to an end and the high season is about to start.During this period, Samui weather can be different. Most of the day it is hot and sunny, but it can change quick. Tropical rainstorm and breezing wind for sure will make you leave the beach.

  • 🌡Temperature 27°C (80°F)
  • High temperature 29°C (84°F)
  • Low temperature 24°C (75°F)
  • Sunshine Hours 7 HRS
  • Rainfall 150 MM
  • Rainfall days 9 DAYS
  • Sea Temperature 27°C (81°F)

Unlike low season rain falls, December ones are short and refreshing. During this period it is a good idea to visit your favourite cafe for a hot cuppa.

Around mid-December weather becomes more calm and sunny, and the peak season begins.

Typical air temperature is between 25C and 29C, water temperature is 27C. If you planning to visit Koh Samui, second half of December is an ideal time to book your trip.

Please keep in mind that due to high demand, prices tend to rise quick right after the 15th of December. Prices are at their highest around New Years time.

To be safe about your Christmas holiday in Koh Samui, book your accommodation in advance. During Christmas and New Year majority of the rooms are gone. Any free rooms left will go for double the original price. Ouch!

Weather in Samui, december 2016

Koh Samui island – weather in december 2015